From Hawaii to Beverly Hills

Hawaiian-born Beverly Hills Sushi Chef, Hilo Mahelona, has devoted his culinary efforts for decades to perfecting the art of Japanese sushi since his earliest beginnings in Hawaii. Endowed with an inclination to infuse classic tastes with contemporary ideas, Hilo has become an esteemed and popular sushi chef both in Hawaii and Los Angeles. At the young age of 12, Hilo was introduced to the spirituality and cultural implications of food by his family. By age 14, Hilo honed his sushi skills under the mentorship of Master Chef Sawada and Master Chef Oshiro, instilling his future palette with a fusion  of tradition with modern twists. He continues this at his new restaurant, Hilo, in Beverly Hills, providing patrons with a delightful sushi experience, most notably in his popular ever-evolving Omakase, a unique and lovingly curated multi-course meal created by Chef Hilo.
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